We collaborate with Transport Companies

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We want to collaborate with your company so that it can receive the amount owed to it for supplementary management.

What is it?

It is a payment to be made to companies by Mutual Societies for Work-related Injuries and Occupational Diseases of the Social Security Institute for supplementary management services performed through effective use by the company itself of the RED System.

It is regulated by:

Collaboration Agreement

To pay the amount established as payment, it is necessary to formalise a written contract, either with a natural person, a legal entity or a company, specifying the exact services of the collaboration.

We provide you with Collaboration Agreement.

Are you a company in the transport industry?

Companies in the Transport Industry (Fifth Additional Provision of Order TAS/3859/2007)

  • Which ones: Companies that, individually considered, do not exceed in number of 250 workers, with the CNAE of " Road freight transport " and " discretionary Public transport of travelers " will be able to associate, to these exclusive effects, with other companies of the sector to fulfill the requirement of the ratio of workers.
  • Requirement: Submit a document listing the associated companies that are joining up for this purpose, together with the company tax code (CIF) and the RED authorisation number used by each one.


Payments to be made by the mutual society to companies for supplementary management are based on the following percentages:


(1) Of the contributions of its company tax code/tax ID number (CIF/NIF)

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