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Quality Management System

FREMAP has had a Quality Management System since 1996. This system is documented in the Quality Manual and the Procedures that provide written documentation that serves as an aid and reference for employees and ensures consistent service in essential aspects so that employees' actions are systematic and error-free.

Core activities are broken down into processes, documented by written procedures, which are monitored through indices that measure the quality of services provided and are used for analysis and improvement.

FREMAP has quality assessment systems, including telephone surveys for customers, customer satisfaction surveys and Customer Service Office surveys.

FREMAP's principles and values, traditionally focused on doing things well and on managing to provide the best service, must enable us to reach shared goals efficiently, staying true to the pursuit of ongoing improvement with all the resources within our reach: research and advances in healthcare and in preventive and recovery techniques, development of our knowledge network, use of new information and communication technologies, among others.

Quality System certified by AENOR

IQNet CertificateAENOR ISO 9001 Certificate 

The quality in FREMAP is guaranteed complying with rigorousness and punctuality terms and obligations and subjecting its procedures to the accredited entities certification.

FREMAP has a Quality system , AENOR certified, from 1996, in agreement with the UNE-EN-ISO Standard 9001:2008, with extent for everyone FREMAP's centres, so much outpatient departments, as hospitable and office workers, throughout the whole of Spain.

Excellent Customer Service

In 2011 FREMAP was awarded the Excellence Award from the magazine Dirigentes, in the Customer Service category. FREMAP has developed its management system based on the European EFQM Excellence Model. It has also held the highest level European Excellence 500+ certification since 2006, encompassing all its outpatient centres, hospitals and administrative centres throughout Spain.

In the renewal of the certification, of February 2015, FREMAP obtained an assessment score in the 550-600 rating scale, a rating that was only achieved by a selective number of companies in Spain.

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MADRID EXCELENTE Seal of Guarantee

FREMAP tells, from 2001, with the Brand of Guarantee MADRID EXCELENTE , once accredited the fulfillment of the quality criteria and excellence, demanded by this brand.

In 2008, FREMAP received the Madrid Excelente Award for customer trust in the Large Enterprise category.

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Environmental Management System

IQNet CertificateAENOR Environmental Management Certificate 

FREMAP has developed and implemented an Environmental Management System in accordance with Standard UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 which is certified by AENOR, the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification.

The certification encompasses all of FREMAP's activities and centres (administrative, outpatient and inpatient) throughout Spain.

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Bequal Certificate

FREMAP has been assessed by auditors trained and authorised by Fundación Bequal, using the indicator model and verification sources approved by the Board of the Fundación Bequal, held on 31 January 2013, and has obtained the rating of Bequal Plus.

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