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Services provided by mutual societies

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To prevent Work-related Injuries and Occupational Diseases, mutual societies for work-related injuries perform the function of preventing these contingencies in order to increase health and safety in member companies.

Services provided by mutual societies

After a Work-related Injury or Occupational Disease occurs, mutual societies for work-related injuries provide healthcare to victims (medical, pharmaceutical, surgical, prosthetic, and rehabilitative care). As a result of the injury, a worker's professional activity may be disrupted, in which case mutual societies provide the injured worker any applicable benefits. Similarly, if a worker has permanent injuries, the mutual society will pay the relevant compensation. Mutual societies can also pay benefits for Temporary Disability in the event of Non-occupational Diseases and Non Work-related Injuries.

In addition, for workers or their beneficiaries who are in situations of special need, FREMAP provides financial and other kinds of support to alleviate these situations to the extent possible (psychological care, special benefits, etc.).

The organisation, quality and range of these services (always in compliance with regulations) varies between different mutual societies. FREMAP, as an industry leader, offers a wide variety of services, having created the concept of 'Comprehensive Management of Occupational Risks', a concept that encompasses a much wider and comprehensive vision of work-related injuries from all standpoints (human, medical, financial, social).

In this context, in addition to traditional prevention and health services, FREMAP offers workers welfare services, clinical and rehabilitation psychology, vocational guidance, vocational training and job preparation for individuals with impairments and disabilities caused by an injury.