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Training at FREMAP

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Based on point 18 of the document on Company Culture, the training and development of our employees has been and continues to be one of our most important commitments. We view it as a way to ensure that they have the necessary skills to conduct their work and to develop professionally.


In this context, FREMAP sees the figure of the internal trainer as fundamental to assure that training is effective.

Over the latest quarter of 2010, we launched Campus FREMAP, a training management platform allowing us to internally manage training plans in an effective and appealing way for employees.

Features of training at FREMAP

  • Ongoing Training following the procedure Quality FREMAP - 40 audited by AENOR:
  • Yearly detection of training needs and creation of an individualised training plan for each employee
  • Assessment of the quality of the training provided

Training at FREMAP

FREMAP training in figures (2011)

  • 9,960 attendances at training activities.
  • Over 98,000 hours devoted to training.
  • An average of 24 hours of training per year per employee