Self-employed workers

Work-related injuries

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Serious and/or emergency situation:

In the event of a serious work-related injury, FREMAP has the following contact phone number:

900 61 00 61

Once you have been treated, contact your personal FREMAP manager to find out what to do next. Contact FREMAP

Mild situation

First care for you medically:

  • Choose the closest FREMAP healthcare centre. Centre Network
  • Make sure to go accompanied and with documentation.

And if you have any questions, contact FREMAP.

Once you have been treated medically:

  • You will be guided through the next steps by contacting your personal FREMAP manager. Contact FREMAP

So that you receive the benefit (if you must go on sick leave)

If you wish, before contacting your personal FREMAP manager, we provide you with the forms you must complete in order to be paid.

Work-related Injury: Find out more

We provide you with additional information about coverage provided by FREMAP in the event of a Work-related Injury.

If you have contracted the coverage of Work-related injury, will owe process the corresponding part.

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